Christopher V. Malley
PixelZoom, Inc.
Boulder, CO


PixelZoom, Inc. - Boulder, CO.
(President, 7/1990-present)
PixelZoom Inc. provides software design, development, and consulting services. Clients and projects are described below. Areas of expertise include:

University of Colorado, Physics Education Technology (PhET) project - Boulder, CO -
(Contractor, 9/2004-present)
Development of interactive science simulations, using JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Java2D, Piccolo, JFreeChart, Jmol, and Flash. I was responsible for implementing the simulations listed below.

JavaScript, TypeScript:

Java, Flash:

Various musicians - CO.
(Contractor, 5/2004-present)
Website design and development for various musicians.

EMC2 - Denver, CO.
(Contractor, 4/2003-5/2004)
Designed and implemented administration tools for EMC's IDM (Intelligent Data Management) product. GUI and CLI for administration of data management policies and DVD libraries. Developed under Solaris and Windows using Java (Swing, JDBC, JAXP), Oracle 8i, XML and XSLT.

Interact-TV - Boulder/Westminster, CO.
(Contractor, 3/2003)
Evaluated a third-party set-top box.  Installed Red Hat Linux and tested various hardware drivers, including Tvia CyberPro 5300 graphics chip and Sigma Designs NetStream EM8400 MPEG decoder.
(Contractor, 7/2000-5/2001)
Developed various components of "Telly", a Linux-based interactive television platform, including: video I/O, audio I/O, graphical user interface widgets, MPEG player, DVD player, audio CD recorder, ISO9660 CD recorder.  Development using C++, Video-for-Linux (V4L), SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), and Sigma Designs NetStream 2000 MPEG board.

G.W. Hannaway & Associates - Boulder, CO.
(Contractor, 9/2001-12/2002)
Developed applications and middleware for an asset management system, including (1) a set of web services that provides client applications with access to assets stored in a distributed database, and (2) a highly-threaded scheduler that handles system management tasks. Development on Linux and Windows platforms using Java, Visual C++, SOAP, Tomcat, Oracle and MySQL.
(Contractor, 4/1996-5/2001)
Various small projects in the areas of: MPEG-4, digital media (video, audio, image compression), risk analysis, UNIX systems administration, SGI systems engineering.

Hypercube Media Concepts - Boulder, CO.
(Contractor, 6/2000-7/2001)
Consulting on a wide range of digital media topics, including: texture generation & mapping, image processing, MPEG, DVD, audio, video, and software integration. Development on SGI IRIX using C++ and Perl.

RT-SET America - Arvada, CO.
(Software Engineer, 6/1998-6/2000)
Software products for broadcast television effects, including 3D animation and effect, character generation, and virtual sets. Responsible for adding new features to existing products. Technical lead for next-generation product development. Responsible for the following product features: video texturing using IRIS Performer and OpenGL, plug-in API for digital video effects, port to SGI O2 platform. Development on SGI & Linux machines using C++, X/Motif, Qt, OpenGL, OpenInventor, IRIS Performer and SGI's Digital Media Libraries.

SimAuthor Incorporated - Boulder, CO.
(Contractor, 4/1999)
Provided a class library that handles playback of QuickTime movie files using the SGI Movie Library.
(Contractor, 9/1998)
SimAuthor's FlightViz product provides the aviation industry with a high-performance, interactive analysis and performance assessment environment for aircraft "blackbox" and simulator data.  Their software is extensible via a plug-in architecture, utilitizing dynamic libraries and C++ subclassing. I developed a digital audio/video plug-in.  This plug-in displays live video (from a camera or other input source), with optional synchronized audio, and is used for adding commentary or supplemental demonstrations to a FlightViz analysis.  Development was done on an SGI O2 using C++, X/Motif, OpenGL and SGI's Digital Media Libraries.

Evolving Video Technologies Corp - Arvada, CO.
(Contractor, 2/1996-5/1998)
Enhancements to Antero (a realtime character/graphics generator for broadcast television) and development of a video clip store prototype. Antero enhancements included: (1) port to SGI O2 for The Weather Channel, (2) compositing with live video (no external keyer), (3) Motion JPEG support, (4) a "crawl editor" for Fox Television to streamline the process of displaying scores and statistics for their Fox Sports News program, and (5) a plug-in API for creating IRIS Performer-based effects.  Video clip store included: a system for capture and scheduled playback of video clips based on SGI's VCP-Recorder product.  Development done on SGI machines using OpenGL, IRIS Performer, C++, SGI Digital Media libraries, X/Motif, RapidApp, and Perl.

Inroads Interactive - Boulder, CO.
(Contractor, 7/1994-6/1997)
Designed and developed CD-ROM titles for the educational and entertainment markets. Services included cross-platform programming and authoring (using Macromedia Director), conceptualization, user-interface design, storyboarding and CD mastering.  Titles include a popular "pet series" (Dogs, Cats, Bugs, Horses and Exotic Pets) distributed by Broderbund Software.  Dogs & Cats were included in Computer Shopper magazine's 1995 "Top 10 List" of things to buy for Christmas.

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) - Mountain View, CA.
(Contractor, 7/1995-2/1996)
SGI's entertainment division, Silicon Studio, built the DreamWorks Digital Studio, a digital production studio for creating, storing, managing and retrieving creative content. I assisted in the design of StudioCentral, a set of object-oriented APIs, user-interface components and data models for multimedia "asset management".  Prototyping was done using C++, ViewKit and RapidApp.

Tabor Visual Media - Denver, CO.
(Contractor, 12/1995-1/1996)
Provided consulting services for a corporate multimedia production, including: review of production plans and designs; periodic reviews of work for quality, organization and progress.

Bolder Heuristics, Inc. (BHI) - Boulder, CO.
(Contractor, 11/1992-4/1995)
Subcontracts for Sun Microsystems and Ericsson Raynet, as described below.

Sun Microsystems - Colorado Springs, CO.
(Subcontractor for BHI, 9/1993-7/1994)
Requirements analysis and user-interface design for Sun's "Solstice DiskSuite" (formerly "Solstice Volume Manager"). DiskSuite is used to administer RAID and other large storage devices. Responsibilities included: project leader, requirements analysis, user-interface design and prototyping using storyboarding techniques, project management and preparation of contract bids.

Ericsson Raynet - Menlo Park, CA.
(Subcontractor for BHI, 11/1992-11/1993, 8/1994-4/1995)
Developed a GUI for RIDES, a Network Management application for maintenance and provisioning of fiber-in-the-loop telecommunications facilities. Development on Sun SPARC platform using C++, C, Ingres/ESQL, and X/Motif. Responsibilities included: requirements analysis, database development, integration with customer-supplied libraries, software configuration management and maintenance.

AT&T NSC Performance Laboratory - Denver, CO.
(Contractor, 7/1990-9/1993)
Responsible for the design, development, documentation, and maintenance of software systems to support the management and maintenance of AT&T's long-distance network. Designed and implemented (1) a GUI for interfacing with intelligent network elements (Echo Cancellers), (2) a highly-parallelized application for collecting and reporting data received from intelligent network elements, (3) a reporting system for referring network troubles to RBOCs (local telephone companies), and (4) a multimedia training application for maintainers of legacy software. Development was done on a wide variety of UNIX machines using C, C++, INFORMIX, X11/OPENLOOK, and Macromedia Director. Projects combined advanced concepts in the areas of database, user-interface design, UNIX inter-process communication, distributed applications, networking, interactive multimedia, and system administration.

MaeSoft - Hollywood, CA.
(Owner, 2/1990-6/1990)
Designed and implemented Q-Edit, an editor for the Alesis Quadraverb digital audio effects processor. Q-Edit allowed simultaneous access to all programmable Quadraverb parameters using the MIDI communications protocol. Programming in C on Atari 1040ST.

SMV Recording Studios - Studio City, CA.
(Recording Engineer, 10/1989-1/1990)
Built and maintained a Macintosh-based music production studio, controlling several digital synthesizers on a MIDI network. Implemented a sound library/database. As a recording engineer, I was responsible for 24-track recordings of musical groups, songwriter demos, and voice-overs.

AT&T Bell Laboratories - Warren, NJ.
(Member of Technical Staff, 6/1984-8/1988)
Software research and development in the areas of (1) telecommunications, (2) expert systems, (3) distributed databases, (4) graphical user interfaces, (5) performance modeling and simulation of software systems, and (6) C++. Also responsible for administration of various computers and networks. Recipient of Exceptional Contribution Awards in 1986, 1987, and 1988. Development done using C, Pascal, OPS5, X11/OPENLOOK, SunView.


M.S. Computer Science (Brown University, 1985)
Concentration in database, artificial intelligence, and programming languages. Thesis project in the application of artificial intelligence and logic programming techniques to database query processing. 4.0 GPA.

B.S. Computer Science & Engineering (University of Connecticut, 1984)
Senior project in robotics and natural-language processing. 3.75 GPA.

Vocational Music diploma (Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA, 1989)
Graduated with highest honors in the guitar program.

Other education:


   JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C++, C, Perl, ActionScript, Lingo, Prolog, Lisp, OPS5, Pascal, PL/1, XML, HTML, CSS, VRML

   UNIX, Linux, macOS, Windows, DOS, IRIX, Solaris, SunOS, Atari TOS, TI Explorer (Lisp machine), DEC PDP-11, DEC VAX/VMS, IBM System/370

Integrated Development Environments:
   WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, SGI CASEVision/Workshop, Microsoft VisualStudio, Sun SPARCworks

GUI toolkits:
   Java AWT/Swing, Qt, X Window System (X11), OSF/Motif, ViewKit, SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), OPENLOOK

GUI builders:
    BXJava, UIM/X, Builder Xcessory, SGI RapidApp

Graphics APIs:
   Canvas, WebGL, OpenGL, Java2D, Piccolo, OpenInventor, IRIS Performer, ImageVision

Digital Media APIs:
   SGI Digital Media libraries (VL, AL, IC, movielib), Video4Linux (V4L)

   Apache, Tomcat, SOAP, XML-RPC, HTTP, XSLT

Version Control:
   Git/GitHub, SVN, CVS, RCS

Misc. tools & APIs:
   GNU, JFreeChart, STL, ATL, COM, Ant, make, Grunt

Database systems:
   JDBC, Oracle, MySQL, INFORMIX, Sybase, Ingres, SGI StudioCentral


   Jacobson, Rumbaugh, Booch, Wirfs-Brock

Creative tools:
   Adobe/Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator, misc. others

   Javadoc, JSDoc, Doxygen, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice


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Browser-driven user interface to a media asset database, patent #5893110 for Silicon Graphics, authors: K. Weber, A. Poon, C. Malley, 1999.
Abstract: A method for automatically constructing a database query for data assets associated with multimedia works. The database query is based on the context of a selected point of interest in a multimedia work. The point of interest is selected by a user interacting with the multimedia work and pausing the multimedia work at the point of interest. A database query is automatically constructed that is constrained by data that is associated with the point of interest.


International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, First Place, Interactive Media category, for Physics Education Technology Project (PhET). Awarded by The National Science Foundation and The Journal of Science. Award shared with other contributors to PhET. This competition recognizes outstanding achievements by scientists, engineers, visualization specialists, and artists who are innovators in the use of visual media to promote understanding of research results and scientific phenomena. September 2007.

Exceptional Contribution Award, AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1986, 1987, and 1988.


Available on request.